Posted on 10th January 2020

Stunning sudio space in established studio complex in Willesden Green is available for exclusive longterm let for six months from April 2020.

The studio would come fully equipped with equipment and is built around a Midas Heritage H1000 Console. It features a large mix room, a large tracking room and a good sized drum/vocal booth. The live room is shared by other studios in the building but is available for a minimum of 5 days per month exclusive use. Details on enquiry.

Originally built in 1976 by Morgan Studios with acoustic design by Eastlake and Andy Munro, the current tenant says, “the studio sounds fantastic and with 3 separate recording areas offers a great deal of flexibility. The rooms are isolated acoustically from each other so can be used as separate spaces. The studio was designed by Eastlake/Munro in the ’70s and ’80s so is a proper acoustically treated studio build (from a time when they spent money on such things!!) In addition it’s packed with microphones and recording gear along with my extensive collection of synths, guitars, amps, pedals and effects plus a beautiful 1960’s Slingerland drum kit.”

The dimensions of the space are as follows:
Control Room: 6.2m x 4.4m
Live Room A: 6.2m x 5m
Live room B (booth): 4m x 2.7m

The studio is perfect for mixing, programming and overdubbing and is also set up to track large full band and small string sessions. In a location steeped in over 40 years of musical heritage and with the best of modern and vintage equipment it’s a great creative space to develop all kinds of musical projects. All rooms are all tied together with headphone feeds so it is possible to track a full band session and utilise the the control room and both live rooms simultaneously.

Location wise there is parking nearby. Dollis Hill tube is 6 mins away and you can get into the West End in 15mins by tube.

Please get in touch with for further information and to book a viewing