Posted on 3rd December 2018

We’ve shared about this before but things at Strongroom have now progressed and your help is required to make sure this renowned studio doesn’t fall prey to unscrupulous business developments.

The following is a letter from Emma Townsend (Studio Manager) to the MPG this week. Please do as much as you feel moved to do to help.

“I’m writing to you regarding the planning application which puts the future of Strongroom recording studios in jeopardy.

“The planning application for 118 Curtain Rd is to redevelop a small warehouse space into a 6 storey office block. The building in question shares a party wall with Strongroom recording studio. As you may know, earlier this year we petitioned for Hackney Council to freeze the planning application in order to consider the implications it would have on Strongroom. We argued the importance of, and requested a time allowance for, the undertaking of technical noise and vibration measurements before the proposal reached Hackney’s planning committee. We won that first battle, and the planning committee date was pushed back. Both Strongroom and the applicant employed acoustic experts to assess the noise implication, who in turn agreed that the works would be detrimental to our business, as we predicted.

“This application is now going to the planning committee on 12th December, so the window for objection closes on 11th December, despite no changes having been made to the applicant’s building plan.

“So I’m writing to request your help. The best way you can help to save Strongroom is by writing an objection letter to Hackney Council, imploring them to reject the application outright. Attached is a pro forma drafted by our lawyer, you’re welcome to use this as a template for your objection. The planning committee will see all objections, along with both ours and the applicant’s sound tests. So the more support we have from producers and engineers who work in London studios, and who can can emphasise the need to protect them, the greater our chances of this application being denied.

“Please write (or write again if you have already!) to Barry Coughlan and the planning committee to object this application (use case number: 2018/0363):planning@hackney.

“In the meantime, we are not closed, nor are we closing. Bulldozers will not be moving in anytime soon. But if this application is approved, our future becomes uncertain.

“As I’m sure you know, Strongroom is a five-time nominated MPG Studio of The Year and we have long worked closely with and fully support the work of the MPG. By backing us in this battle you help us to keep our doors open for all your future projects across the spectrum that we are proud to accommodate, from the unsigned, up and coming rising talent, to major chart-topping artists of all genres.

“I would like to thank you all for your unwavering support during this time.

“Best regards,
Emma Townsend, Strongroom Studio Manager”