Posted on 26th April 2012

The official launch of the MPG Mastering Group is set to take place on May 24th at London’s Alchemea College and will provide a platform for MPG Mastering Group administrator and veteran AIR Studios mastering engineer Ray Staff to introduce a new QC process that the Group hopes the entire industry will adopt. The new QC process brings together a set of guidelines that are designed to prevent the wrong masters from ending up in the CD manufacturing chain. This issue has affected a number of mastering engineers in recent months leaving them to face potential bills for incorrectly manufactured CDs because proper measures were not adhered to. “This is a very serious issue that the whole industry needs to address” Ray added. “We live in a world where other than vinyl we are moving away from physical masters to the online delivery of CD masters and files for downloads. It is imperative that guidelines are followed to ensure that the right files and masters are delivered and to provide mastering engineers with some protection in case of mistakes by others. Many of those working in the mastering business already know the process but there are a lot of people who are new to mastering or are working in small home-based facilities that need guidelines and a structure that establishes a clear chain of responsibility.” He continued “The remit of the MPG Mastering Group is to focus on topics that help promote the very best in terms of audio performance and quality. There is a seed change in attitude to sound with people these days talking more about quality and not just level. The public does want quality and a sound they can enjoy and we as an industry need to focus on this across all digital formats whether they are CD downloads or broadcast.” The launch will start at 6.30pm with a drinks reception followed by a panel discussion starting at 7.00pm. Full details can be found on the MPG website here. SIGN UP FOR OUR MONTHLY NEWSLETTER VIA ‘MAILING LIST’ BUTTON ABOVE