Posted on 29th September 2016

Metropolis & Music Gateway Team up to Provide Opportunities to Industry Members across the Globe

When workers get paid unfairly neither the artist nor the company hiring the services will attract the level of professional they desire to work with.

With this in mind, Music Gateway have teamed up with Metropolis Studios in a bid to encourage members of the industry to pay the production members of the industry fairly and are offering free mastering on one of their tracks for any of their members who ‘Hire a Producer’ through the Music Gateway system. The benefit being that artists get more choice and guidance to work with the best possible producers for their project and will also receive quality mastering of their track from a respected mastering studio.

“Metropolis are pleased to be supporting artists with their new creative projects. We hope that through this collaboration with Music Gateway more artists can benefit from professional mastering and production work.” Dan Baldwin, Mastering Manager, Metropolis Mastering

Both Metropolis and Music Gateway are part investing in the opportunity to ensure that the engineers behind the scene are also paid fairly.  Budgets have been advised by the Music Producers Guild (MPG) who are also supporting the campaign.

“I’m pleased to see an initiative to support fair pay for production work, it’s something we strongly believe in at The MPG. Providing a better way for artists to find & hire professionals is a definite step in the right direction so I’m glad to see Music Gateway and Metropolis Studios join forces to make this happen.” Mick Glossop, Executive Director of The Music Producers Guild

The campaign sees Music Gateway strengthening their stance on offering out opportunities to the worldwide community and creating a more level working environment. This should enable artists and bands to better their careers by moving further towards industry guidelines and creating better quality content for themselves and consumers to enjoy.

“We’re always working on helping and improving our members opportunities and pathways. It’s invaluable having companies like Metropolis to offer these opportunities in a way that is productive for them, us and producers. We’re serious about creating a level playing field for people in the industry and if our members are too, they’ll take on board the message.” Jonathan Bond, Brand & Product Manager of Music Gateway

Music Gateway

Music Gateway is a B2B platform, specifically designed to allow creative and music industry professionals to connect and work together in a global capacity. Developed by industry professionals from all sectors, we help break down barriers that hinder career development by empowering individuals and companies alike. Our unique software helps streamline the way people connect and progress whether this is through hiring music professionals, collaborating or using it as an A&R vehicle to find new talent.

Metropolis Mastering

Metropolis Studios, the largest independently-operated recording complex in the world, has a glorious internationally acclaimed award-winning 26 year heritage. A high profile facility from its opening year in 1989, when Queen’s ‘Innuendo’ was the first album to be recorded at the studio. Through the years a number of A listers have recorded, mixed and mastered their material at the complex, including Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Madonna, U2 and Michael Jackson. Some of the most recent renowned global successes including Amy Winehouse’s ‘Back To Black’ and Adele’s ’25’ have been created at Metropolis.

With 19 studios, including 2 live rooms, a writing room and a screening room, Metropolis is the only recording complex in the world that includes recording, mixing, mastering, video production and label services under one roof.

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