Behringer’s New Music Tribe Marketplace Designed To Compete With Reverb And Ebay

Posted on 10th February 2020

Courtesy Bobby Owsinski

Behringer is launching a brand new gear marketplace called Music Tribe which is designed to go up against the likes of and Ebay.

Music Tribe is free and, according to the company, “is an online marketplace where buyers and sellers interact about music gear. Integrated with useful tools that provide easy access, anyone and everyone can create their own shop for free.”

Users are required to create a free account and a shop in order to sell gear, but all transactions are reportedly commission-free. There’s no word yet whether any gear listings are to be exclusive to the site or not.

What’s interesting here is that Music Tribe is actually the corporate holding company for Behringer and all its brands, which is based in the Philippines. If you go to you’ll find the official corporate site, while the marketplace site is Audio brands under the Music Tribe corporate wing include Tannoy, Midas, TC Electronic, Lake, Lab Grupen, Turbosound, Klark Technik, and more.

Competition is a good thing, and although the eBay selling and buying experience has declined over time, has certainly picked up the slack. In fact, it’s done it in a way that appeals to most musicians in that you rarely hear much complaining about the experience.

With no commissions on sales, it appears that the only way that the Free Music Tribe site can make money is on ad sales. That said, it could be a giant billboard for all the Behringer brands, as the company has the deep pockets to be able to pull off a closed marketplace.

Give it a try and see what you think. Free Music Tribe just launched so the activity might still be minimal, but it promises to grow as the site matures.