2011-08-31 20:37:02

Located in Kettering, Northamptonshire, The Parlour Recording Studio welcomes clients from the UK and across Europe as well as an increasing number from countries as far afield as Australia, Colombia, Scandinavia and the USA.

Producer Russ Russell explains “The attraction to our farm courtyard location is the big sound contained within the walls of the old milking parlour. I met up with Neil Haynes (Studio Manager and in-house Producer/Engineer) a few years back and we decided to form a joint venture to refurbish and enhance the Studio.

We brought in a new Pro Tools HD3 rig, an Audient 8024 analogue desk and then we added more toys to the already impressive racks of analogue outboard. We don’t have the biggest premises by any means but this helps us keep the costs down so we can be affordable to more acts. The combination of great rooms and equipment brings in world class results competing with even the biggest of studios.”

The Parlour’s recent clients include Napalm Death, Evile, The Berzerker, Brujeria and Norwegian black metal masters Dimmu Borgir who were the first clients to use The Parlour’s new 5.1 surround mix system and who went on to achieve high chart positions all over the world with their Parlour-produced DVD.

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