Kore Studios in West London, recently marked its ten year anniversary with the installation of a brand new API 1608 console, supplied by Funky Junk and Source Distribution and fitted with a combination of EQs by API and Chandler Ltd.

Kore’s owner George Apsion explained, “Over the last ten years Kore has worked hard to build up a reputation as one of London’s great tracking spaces. When the decision came to replace our old desk the API was the obvious choice. Sonically it has all the power and depth you could wish for, whilst also offering great routing options and expandability via the 500 series slots. The 312 mic amps are fabulous, especially on drums, and the 550b EQ is an amazing tool. We can’t wait for our clients to hear this thing, it really is astonishing.’’

To watch a time-lapse video of the desk installation, click here.

Kore is a purpose-built, high end recording studio opened by producer George Apsion in 2004. It offers two studios arranged over two floors with the API studio (Studio 1) occupying the ground floor. Studio 1 runs Pro Tools HD and Radar multitracks, there is a sizeable inventory of outboard mic preamps including 12x vintage Neves (1081 / 1073 / 31102s), 8x Tweeds as well as units by API, Chandler, Universal Audio and Shadow Hills. There is also a fantastic range of compressors on offer, meaning that you are well covered for both recording and mixing sessions. Main monitoring is provided by Exigy with Yamaha NS10 and Pro Ac nearfields running on Bryston / Quad amps. Kore’s microphone collection offers the usual studio standards plus a pair of Neumann U67s and some rare and esoteric vintage mics (ribbons by Melodium, Altec, Bang & Olufsen and Toshiba).

The main live room is 42 sqm, with a 4m high ceiling and two additional iso-booths. George told us, “The room is extremely versatile and can accommodate anything from a full band to medium sized string ensembles (16 players). There is natural daylight, a Chappell upright piano and personalised headphone mixers for players to build their own balances. Further ambience can be added to the room simply by opening the doors and positioning mics in the adjoining brick corridor. A PA system is also available for film playbacks and band rehearsals.”

Programming suite Studio 2, on the second floor, has as its centrepiece “a gorgeous vintage 1978 Tweed Audio console.” George continued, “Tweeds were built by ex-Neve engineers and share many Neve characteristics and sonics, including Marinair transformers and a thick, punchy EQ. This room has become extremely popular for mixing, as the combination of the Tweed’s rich summing amps and the Prism converters we offer, give any recording passed through it that instant glue and ‘finished’ quality.”

Kore’s client base includes acclaimed artists and producers from the UK and Europe, such as Ronnie Wood, Florence and the Machine, Feeder, The Enemy and Plan B. Recent clients include Richard Ashcroft and Peace, as well as producers David Kosten and Guy Massey. In 2010 Kore’s achievements were given international recognition when they were awarded the prestigious ‘Best Studio’ title at the UK Music Producers Guild Awards.

Kore will be hosting a party to celebrate their 10 Year Anniversary on the evening of 26 November. Anyone interested in attending should contact the studio office at info@kore-studios.com. For more about Kore click here.