Blue Pro is my first choice for mastering. Their results and attention to detail rival even the most established US facilities at very competitive rates.” Paul Borg (Urban Species, Girls Aloud, Mory Kante, Sugababes, Gang Starr).

Blue Pro is an independent mastering house in North London. Heralded by many artists and labels worldwide for offering some of the best rates and results for true high end analogue mastering, it is fast becoming a mainstay of the industry.

Resident engineer John Webber told us, “Blue Pro deliver no-compromise mastering solutions that fit the budgets of independent artists and labels, as well as the majors. Mastering is key to how your music comes across on the radio, online, on an iPod and across all the usual physical formats. It can be the difference between a hit and a miss. Although we can’t guarantee you a hit we will ensure your recordings reach their sonic potential.”

The Blue Pro facility leaves nothing to chance, using the epitome of audio tools in a carefully balanced acoustic listening environment built around the acclaimed MTC-2 Mastering Console by Maselec which was designed by producer Leif Mases (Led Zeppelin, Abba), a perfect centre-piece for a world class mastering house. The line up of gear at Blue Pro also extends to further hardware options from Maselec as well as TC Electronic (System 6000), Prism Sound, Manley, EMI Chandler and Tube-Tech.” Check out the full equipment list here.

Recent artists and projects to be given the Blue Pro treatment include platinum-selling classical Sony album reissues for Zbigniew Preisner, The Milk, Nerina Pallot, Redzz & Sway, BJ Cole, Polar Bear, The The, Frankmusik and Grammy-winning acappella group The Swingle Singers. You can listen to some recent Blue Pro masters here.

Both attended sessions and online mastering are available at Blue Pro. Click through to their website to find out more. For a limited time, the studio is also offering new clients a FREE no obligation sample master of a segment of one of their tracks. For more information or to book a mastering session please contact the studio here.