Spread across two light-filled and spacious floors of a huge, converted barn in the heart of Germany’s beautiful Bavarian countryside, Auratone is a high end, residential, recording and mixing studio just half an hour’s drive from Munich Airport. It is also the studio home of world famous producer/engineer Reinhold Mack (Queen, ELO, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Rolling Stones, Whitesnake, Rainbow, Scorpions, Black Sabbath, Meatloaf, Billy Squier, Rory Gallagher) and Robert Fertl (Global Music Awards 2018, Hollywood Music Awards 2017, Akademia Awards 2015/2016/2017, Billboard Charts #1, Groovejazzcharts #1, Smoothjazznetwork #1, Charts #1 MIX, MST Engineer, Music Producer. Working with double Grammy winner Paul Brown (Boney James, Al Jareau, Joe Cocker), Mack ( Rolling Stones, Queen, ELO, Billy Squire)).

Designed and built by HOFA Akustik and owner/producer/engineer Robert Fertl in 2007, the studio complex at Auratone comprises two control rooms: Control Room A known as the SSL Living Room with an intimate atmosphere and a stunning SSL4000E/G+ Console 48/96Ch.16x E Brown Eq’s, 16x Maselec Eq´s, 8x G+ Eq’s, 8x E Black Eq’s,Total Recall and Automation with a countless number one Hit Records History as Tears for Fears, Queen and many more.  And Control Room B on the upper floor which centres around a Harrison 4032 B Original Vintage 1977 Console 48/88 Channels, 40 Direct Out, 32 Buss, Quad Out, with Allison Research Automation, (MJ, ABBA, Sade, Queen, Spliff, Nena and many more).

Monitors and controllers include, Dangerous Monitor ST, RTW 10800XPlus Surround Meter, Westlake BBSM12, B&W 802 Nautilus, B&W 802 EMI Version, Urei 809, Genelec 1031A, Yamaha NS10M and Auratone 5C, powered by Class A Amps. Studer A820 24ch, zStuder A80 16ch, Studer A810 2ch, API 2500, Manley Vari MU Mastering, Manley Vari MU, Manley Stereo Pultec, Manley ELOP, Neve 33609, DBX160VU, DBX160, Teletronix LA2, Urei1176 LN, Urei1178, Urei LA4, UA1176LN Black, ADR F600, ADL 1500, Empirical Labs EL7 Fatso Jr. Empirical Labs EL8X Distressor, Neve1073, Siemens V72, Vintech X73, Maselec MEA2, UA LA 610 MKII, Millennia 3HV, Oram Sonic HD EQ2, Urei 546 Stereo Eq, DBX900 Compression Rack, UA Twinity Lexicon 480L, Lexicon 224, AMS RX16, Bricasti M7, TC2290, Eventide H3000, PCM70, Roland RE20, and a lot more.

Robert told us, “I think the studio’s most outstanding feature is the original Harrison console, not least because it is the very same console Mack used in the ’70s and ’80s to record and mix the Queen and ELO albums he produced. We also have a superb technical spec for our clients: we offer analogue recording to Studer A820 and Studer A80 multitrack tape machines, synced to a choice of Pro Tools 10 or Logic Studio 9. Monitoring is via Dangerous Monitor ST, RTW 10800X Plus Surround, B&W 802s, Urei 809s, Yamaha NS-10Ms and Auratone 5C powered by Class A amps.

“We also have a great selection of vintage instruments including a 1904 Bechstein grand piano, Fender Rhodes Mk 1 electric piano, Hammond M2 with Leslie, and Yamaha recording drum kit; as well as outboard from Manley, Teletronix, Urei (1176LN, LA4), Empirical Labs, Lexicon (480L, 224, PCM70), Eventide, TC, Yamaha and Roland. Mic pres and EQs of note include 4x Vintech X73is, 4x Vintech 473s, Universal Audio (4-710d, 2x Twin-Finity, LA 610), Tegeler EQP-1 Stereo Pultec valve EQ, Urei 546 Stereo EQ, API 800 Series Rack. Dolby SR is also available.” Full equipment list here.

Studio B’s main live room features an acoustically optimised ceiling with original wooden beams, a beautiful wooden floor and three high stone walls able to produce a fantastic live sound. Robert continued, “Several windows look out on the rural surroundings and flood the room with daylight but you can draw the ample curtains to soften the echo and achieve a more “dead” sound. The room also houses the vintage Yamaha drum kit and our stunning Bechstein grand piano.”

On the opposite side of the control room is the second live space built entirely from wood, topped by a high ceiling for a live feel with plenty of daylight. Glazed panels set into the walls enable visual contact between the rooms and HOFA Akustik absorption/diffuser panels provide an assortment of bass traps and full range absorption.

Robert explained, “The room is a guitarist’s dream. It is filled with beautifully maintained Fender and Gibson guitars as well as amps from Fender, Ampeg, Pignose, Roland JC, Mesa Boogie, Peavy and Vox. Mics include Sennheiser, Schoeps, Neumann, Royer, EV, AKG, Shure and many others. Opposite the second live room is a good-sized isolation booth, which is perfect for vocal recording and for tracking guitars. All the rooms benefit from score displays, personal headphone mixers and a video link to the entire studio facility.

Auratone’s team of in-house engineers now offer an experienced online mixing service. They welcome input from artists and understand the importance of gathering as much information as possible about how clients want a song to sound, together with a commercially released reference song, all of which help to give a better idea of the desired direction.

Recent clients at Auratone include Reinhold Mack producing Liquid Meat; two time Grammy Award winner Paul Brown; Katja Rieckermann (saxophonist for Rod Stewart); producer Jeff Carruthers; Magdalena Chovancova; Welovemusic Records; Threestyle; Soweco and many more.

Clients wishing to book a session at Auratone can also take advantage of convenient on-site accommodation for up to four people, including a bright modern bathroom and a kitchen equipped with microwave, coffee machine, electric kettle and fridge. There is a recreation room and kitchen area on the ground floor of the studio complex for clients to relax in during ‘working hours’. The nearby towns of Mainburg and Geisenfeld offer a variety of eating places catering for every taste including pizza delivery for sessions that can’t be interrupted! There is a secluded private garden with a natural pond. Facilities include a barbecue area and an outside lounge for relaxing and chilling-out under a beach umbrella. The whole complex is surrounded by scenic woodland providing the perfect inspirational ambience for creative work.

For more about Auratone Studios including contact details check out their listing here.