Prices are in GBP ex VAT unless stated otherwise. For a specific piece of equipment that is not listed below, or to find out more about any that are, please get in touch. Prices available upon request if not already listed. Shipping not included. E&OE.

Clearance sale of the band’s studio and touring gear
Avid HDX I/O 8×8 £900; BAE 1073MP Preamp (3 remaining – price each) includes PSU £800; Cartec EQPRE-2A EQ £1195; DBX 160 XT Compressor £250; DBX 160A Compressor £250; Empirical Labs Distressor £995; Euphonix MC Mix Control surface £300; Fostex D24D24 Recording unit £175; K&M boom stands x2 (price each) £150; K&M mic stands x4 (price each) £10; Lexicon MPX Dual Channel Reverb £50; Motu 828 Firewire I/O £295; Revox B77 Tape Machine and reels £695; Roland Space Echo RE201 £850; 16 Way Studio Box £120

STUDIO MICS: Audix OM7 mic x2 (price each) £150; Electrovoice RE20 mic x2 (price each) £300; Royer 121 mic £950; Sennheiser MD421 MK2 mic x4 available (price each) £200

BACKLINE: 1202VLZ4 Mixer £150; Ampeg Bass amp heads x2 in Maccabees branded flight case eBay; Cables XLR/Guitar x30 £tbc; Celestion Speaker £100; Fender 80 ohm Speaker £50; Fender Blues Deville Amp incl. flight case branded Maccabees + tour stickers £450; Fender Concert Amp £950; Glensound GX12 Mixing desk + flight case and patch bay £tbc; Hercules PA stands x2 £tbc; HiWatt Hi Gain Head £400; HiWatt Heads in Maccabees branded flight case £50; Mackie 24:8 £250; Marshall JMD 1 Amp £350; Marshall JTM £895; QSC K10 Monitors x4 (price each) £395; QSC K12 PA Speakers x2 £995; Radial Pro D8 £400; Step up/Step downs x2 £30; VOX AC30 (reissue) £495; Vox Night Train Amp head and speaker £250

WIRELESS GEAR: Shure P9RA wireless packs x9 £tbc; Shure PA81A Antenna + Cables £tbc; Shure PSM 900 P9T K1 x8 £tbc; Wireless Professional Antenna £tbc