For a specific piece of equipment that is not listed below, or to find out more about any that are, please get in touch. Prices available upon request if not already listed. Zero VAT unless marked otherwise. Shipping not included. E&OE.


Tube Tech LCA 2B compressor £2,295 + VAT. The all-tube VCA compressor/limiter with two independent, linkable channels. This unit is in mint condition.

Summit DCL 200 £1,395 + VAT. The hybrid tube/solid state DCL-200 dual channel compressor/ limiter. This unit is in mint condition.

Prism Maselec MLA2 £1,795 + VAT. Precision mastering compressor designed for recording, mixing and mastering applications where ultimate sonic performance is required. This unit is in mint condition.

Neve 33609 B vintage compressor £6,995 + VAT. The early ‘metal knob’ version of Neve’s rack mounted adaptation of the Class A/B 2264, 32264 and 33314 compressor/limiter console modules. A rare appearance of one of the best vintage compressors of the 70s. This unit has been fully serviced recently.
Avalon AD 2044 £1,450 + VAT. The dual mono-stereo opto-compressor. This unit is in excellent condition. Shipping from EU.

Pultec EQP-1A3 pair ex Pink Floyd £TBC. The greatest in vintage EQ. This pair comes with a certificate of provenance authenticating its previous life as a Pink Floyd original – these units were part of the Pink Floyd studio Britannia Row in Islington, signed by the studio company director.

Cartec EQP-1A £1,395 + VAT. A hand wired valve equaliser, recreating the distinctive sound and features of the classic Pultec EQP-1A. This unit is in mint condition. Shipping from EU.

SSL X Rack – buy whole or in part £TBA
Focusrite Red 7 channel £1,595 + VAT. A powerful and versatile direct recording processor, featuring a compressor, de-esser and exciter.

Tube Tech SMC 2A compressor £2,350 + VAT. Rare stereo multiband compressor – three independent optical stereo compressors in one unit. Mint condition.
UREI LA-4 racked pair £1,400 + VAT. Classic electro-optical compressor/ limiter. Smooth, natural-sounding RMS action! Selectable compression ratios! Input overload indicator (flashing right now) and simple stereo coupling! This racked pair are in excellent condition for their age.

GML 8200 EQ £3,950 + VAT. The original and best parametic EQ. This unit is in mint condition.
Focusrite Scarlett Octopre (as new) £245 + VAT. 8 mic inputs – balanced line inputs too – all running through 24-bit conversion at up to 192kHz. New/ unused & still in wrapping

M-Audio Profire Lightbridge £200 + VAT. Interfaces up to four Lightpipe devices with a PC or Mac via FireWire capable of 32 channels of Lightpipe I/O, S/ PDIF I/O and two-channel analog output for a total of 34 x 36 concurrent channels. Boxed as new.

Calrec BBC EQ/pre with front GPO patch £POA. Ex BBC portable channel strip rack which is a sort of 1970’s lunch box affair, I gather these were custom made and very few in number due to cost. This has a Calrec PQ1161 mic amp (upto -80dB) AM6/17 and patchbay. Classic design with Sowter transformers etc.

Rupert Neve 5012 duo mic pre £995 + VAT

Rupert Neve 5032 mic pre / EQ £945 + VAT


Neumann M149 £2,099+VAT. Just been serviced. Orignal box & accessories.

M49 matched pair in pristine condition. Grimm MP1 power supplies. Shipping from USA.


A827 Gold Edition £22k + VAT. Last of Studer production line. Museum condition; under 100hrs clocked

Motionworker tape to desk synchroniser £1,250. Modded to link word clock as well as all the usual machines. Neve VR cabling included.

Timeline Lynx Time Code Sync £750. Pristine condition with brand new cables for MTR90


AMS Neve Genesys £24k + VAT. Black G16 basic configuration, private studio in UK. This console is in pristine condition. One of the first of the new models, purchased new in 2014. For full details see manufacturer’s web page


1031A 5.1 with 1092 sub woofer £2,500


headphone distribution £noidea
Requires the network cables to link them all. Otherwise all in excellent condition.

Several boxes of NOS valves (EF 804 x 15 / EF 804 S  x 40 / E99 F x 90 / E 88 CC x 24)

Please call or email to discuss thank you

Clients looking for the following:

Fairlight Dream (small configuration)

Sony Oxford console computer

Black U-47 early production power supplies

Elam 260 and 261’s

Church microphones or parts