For a specific piece of equipment that is not listed below, or to find out more about any that are, please get in touch. Prices available upon request if not already listed. Shipping not included. E&OE. Various sellers – mostly UK & Europe. Prices are ex VAT unless stated otherwise.

MICROPHONES: Neumann KM56 (1957) as new – zero VAT (EU) £4500; Neumann M149 £1995; Neumann SM69 original (1964) as new £8495; Neumann SM9 (EU) £4995; Neumann U47 FET ex Ringo Starr £3650; Neumann U87 vintage £1750; Soundelux 251 £1850; SE Z 5600A £350

PREAMPS: Chandler LTD1 £1300; Rupert Neve Portico 5032 – zero VAT £925; Rupert Neve Portico 5012 – zero VAT £895; Focusrite Red7 £1850

DYNAMICS: Calrec/ BBC portable compressor lunchbox £4995; Neve 33609 B original metal knob version excellent condition £6995; Tubetech LCA2B as new £2750; Tubetech SMC2A as new £2325; Presonus ACP 88 compressor gate £150; Prism Maselec MLA2 as new £1695; Summit Audio DCL200 as new £1325; Urei LA4 (x2) Rack as new £tbc; Focusrite Red 3 as new £1800

EQ: Tubetech PE1C as new £1450; API 550 x2 Rack £1500; Focusrite Red 2 as new £1170; GML 8200 as new £3450; Pultec EQP1A3 (PHOTO) original pair from Pink Floyd’s Britannia Row studio (Islington) £tbc

EFFECTS: Digitech Vocalist £120; Lexicon 480L 4.0 with Larc & classic cartridge £3300; TC 2290 mint condition £1200

MONITORING: Focal SM9 pair £3400; Genelec 1039A main room monitors with amps + flight cases £tbc; Yamaha NS10M £450

DIGITAL: Avid Sync HD £650; iZ Radar 24 Project system £2000; Prism ADA-8 (older version not 192KHz) x3 remaining (price each) £2400; SSL MADI Alpha Link £995

TAPE MACHINES: Studer A800 MK3 £6995; Studer A812 £tbc; Studer A827 Gold Edition as new £22000

TAPE SYNCHRONISATION: Motionworks Motionworker desk to tape sync with all cabling for Neve VR as new – zero VAT £1150; Timeline Lynx Synchronizer as new – zero VAT £750

CONSOLES: AMS Neve Genesys Black 2014 £24000; Early ’70s Helios sidecar £49000; Neve 8014 vintage console – zero VAT (US) £85000

PIANO: Steinway 1945 upright £6500

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