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Chilton 100S MK2 16:2 £3,795 London
Recently overhauled including mods: Mutes, EQ bypass and banks of Phantom + patch built.
Direct outs. Solid state. Mono mic pres. 4 band EQ modded to be individually bypassable
True 48v Phantom and switched into banks of 8. Recapped. Custom PSU
Also included: a B gauge patch that has the inserts, mix inserts and mix out, aux 1&2, return and osc out.
Width: 81cm / Depth: 47cm / Height: 23cm / Weight approx. 25kg

AMS Neve Genesys full options £26k

16-fader (32-input) console fully loaded with extras; motorised/ automated faders; Encore Automation; Total Recall; 88R-style balanced MicPres; 8 Auxes (4 mono and 2 stereo); 8 x Neve 1073 transformer-based mic/pre circuits; 8 x Neve 1084 EQ; 8 channels of Neve VCA Dynamics; 8 Groups; 2 Main outputs; 4 effect returns; 16ch, 8-track, 2-track and monitor metering; 5.1 monitoring; 2 Cue mixes; full talkback capability; internal PSU; USB-stick-capable store, load & reset; DAW control for HUI-compatible DAW systems; stand; loudspeaker shelves; protective cover; 8 channel Digital (AES3) to analogue converter; FireWire I/O; Monitor Digital (AES3) to analogue converter.

Trident Series 70 console £8k or best offer

ex Beth Gibbons of Portishead
Maintained by Neil Perry – notes available on request
24/16 with onboard patch


Cartec EQP-1A £1,450
Audio & Design F760X-RS  £1,000
Cartec EQ Pre 2A  £1,100
DBX 160 VU pair   £1,200
Empirical Labs Fatso EL7X  £1,400
Eventide H3000 SE  £1,200
Focusrite Red 7 channel   £1,850
GML 8200 EQ    Noisy top filter £2,200
Lexicon PCM60  £350
Overstayer M-A-S 8101  £900
Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5012 duo mic pre  £895
Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5032 EQ/ pre  £875
SSL G384 bus compressor   £2,000
Thermionic Earlybird 1.2   £2,000
UA 1176   Revision tbc.    One sticky button £1,100
Valley People Gain Brain II pair in 1u rack  £600

Some prices are negotiable depending on seller!

Phoenix Audio DRS-8 MK2 £2,450

SPL MixDream 16ch summing mixers £750 ea

SPL Madison £825

SPL Director (hi-end stereo D/A converter) £2k


Neumann U67 reissues as new
AKG C414 C12 brass capsule £1,200
PR22 Heil Sound £80
PR40 Heil Sound £150

Royer 121 £795
SE4400 matched pair  £400
Sontronics Delta £300
Telefunken U47 £POA


Studer A820 Gold Edition, as new! £22k
Last off the Studer production line, still under 100hrs, mint condition and with the original cover, remote etc. A very special machine!