David Leisser is a pro-drummer from Austria with more than 15 years touring and recording experience at a highly advanced professional level.  Please contact him if you are looking for an experienced session drummer for your project. Info, videos and sound samples at

“I just moved to London and I know that there are an overwhelming amount of excellent drummers here. However, my focus is on consciously providing the highest possible level of energy to the music, as I believe that energy, passion and flow are the main elements, beside a strong song for sure, that attract human beings to music. Energy makes it sound “right”, puts a smile on the audience’s face, helps the singer to shine and provides a solid base for the whole band. No ego, no showing off. Although I’m technically trained to a very high level, I’m far away from playing as many notes as I can, as long as I am not asked to! So, if you are interested in adding a new groove, sound and vibe to your roster I would love to hear from you!